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Templates and Tutorials

Taking my inspiration from tortoises such as Charlie...
...and others...
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
I have decided to quilt my Nancy Drew Quilt hexagonally. So I made a stencil.
I've never used one before so time will tell whether it works out.

In the meantime I've been taking photos for a tutorial going into my new kits. Guess what the kits are for?
And it's definitely not my photography! The kits will premier at SkipNorth and then afterwards go onto Etsy.

Books 2013 #4 - #9

Since the Kindle arrived chez byrne I have turned some of my nefarious attention away from downloading american crime series and towards downloading books. This means that I recently started reading such titles as "No Cooperation from the Cat" by Marion Babson and "The Chocolate Moose Motive" by Jo Anna Carl not because they were on my wish list but because they were accessible. Shame on me. I read about ten pages of each before coming to my senses - drivel. Fortunately it is not all bad in the epub world and so you'll see one below which I got from the Guttenburg Project as it is out of copyright and was really rather delightful. They have 42,000 free ebooks so I feel a return journey there is definitely in my future.

#4 Death from a Top Hat
Clayton Rawson

Sadly out of print but available either as an ebook or, as I received this one, as an audiobook. The reader was Gregory Gawton who has a good voice for this sort of thing and brings the characters to life. Th…


My newest buttons have arrived.
Squuuuuuueeeee! Could not be happier. They got here amazingly quickly from Australia AND free postage AND half price. Her Etsy Shop is here. She has other buttons, earrings and lots of other very beautiful stuff. Definitely to be recommended.
It has made me think again about making the most of my most precious and loved buttons which otherwise live in a storage box. This would be a good way to display singles:
Source: via Alex on Pinterest
But then I am thinking more like this kind of thing except just with carded buttons.
Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Ah - the craft we would do if we didn't have to work!

Speaking on which, on my way in this morning I noticed a block I pass twice a day had added a flag.
"So what?" I hear you ask. But look what it says.

Wrung Like A Chicken

Thirty minutes after meeting a man (whose name I can't now recall) for the first time I was semi-naked, oiled up and he had both his arms around me. Then he wrung me by the neck like a chicken.  Another day, another medical professional. This one is an osteopath and has just caused me the most pain I've experienced since the days before my back operation. Then he cracked me, vibrated me with what felt a jackhammer and then zapped me repeatedly with a laser.  On the other hand I do now feel considerably better. Plus having been subjected to that much pain I am obliged BY LAW to comfort myself.  Current favourites are Cherry Deluxe, just in case anyone's buying...
Having not been able to look over my right shoulder properly for two months now it genuinely does seem to have eased after just this first session. And as knitting seemed to aggravate the problem I really had no choice but to seek a solution. Fingers crossed this does it. 


I have added some new necklaces to my shop.
I have also updated my Stitchmarker packaging.
Little bit of a shop spring clean, rather than doing any actual cleaning. I was out with friends on Friday night and one said he felt strongly you should do your own cleaning. I am not a subscriber to this theory being more than willing to hand my cleaning off elsewhere. Although a natural extension to it would be that you should make your own clothes. And that I can relate to. I have cast on a new project - avoiding my previous malaise by deciding to knit something as a present.
Knitters know that unblocked lace looks like nothing so much as a pencil sketch of a scrotum so won't be surprised to hear this is going to be a glorious lace shawl. One day.

Things I'm finding intriguing at the moment...

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Source: via Alex on Pinterest