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Showing posts from March 17, 2013

Terribly Remiss

After the excitement of SkipNorth last weekend I've been 100% working or sleeping since I got back and head off to France and an internet free existence for a week at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning. A few SkipNorth photos though...

Not a sofa, but possibly the largest yorkshire pudding ever seen by a southener. The Bronte Hotel in Haworth leaves no customer hungry.
One of the amazing sheds at Wingham. Every year I have to convince myself I don't want to start spinning. Or weaving. Nope.
The Steam Train pulling in, about to disgorge 27 over-excited knitters onto the platform.
Illusion knitting on display during our pop-up yarn fair.

I will be back to blog again in a week. In the meantime - have fun!

Nancy Drew - We Have a Winner

Using I picked a winner from the comments on my Nancy Drew post. Congratulations to Stephanie who said
"I love the hexagons. My favorite is the disappearing 4 patch, I am planning one now. And I love the little purse!"
I have emailed you for your address and a purse kit will be on its way to you this week. I'll be doing a post shortly about all the amazing suggestions I got - thanks to all of you for making them!