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Japan Part 2

One cannot go all the way to Tokyo and not check out the craft side of things. At the very least I needed to find out how availability and prices compared. I wasn't disappointed. My first stop was Tokyu Hands. Pooch was the one to hear about this and had been there before. This gives you an idea of what is on offer.
It was all pretty cool with lots of yummy things. This took me back to my childhood.
Then there was fabric - not a huge selection but some nice ones.
I was also surprised how much leather was available.
And this caught my eye!
Isn't it beautiful?! They also had a little bit of yarn but overall nothing really leapt out at me. It was kind of like John Lewis - all very orderly and well chosen. It wasn't until we got to a place I'd seen online that that changed.

The place in question is Okadaya. It was AMAZING! Unfortunately they didn't allow photos indoors although this photo on Flickr is of one aisle on the yarn floor. Yep - whole floor. When the life doo…

Japan Part 1

I was in Tokyo last week. It was a real eye opener. There were lots of subtle cultural things to pick up on as well as some downright insane things. For instance - they stand on the left on escalators!!! How mental is that?!? But actually it was really good. It was a fact finding mission with the odd touristy thing thrown in. One beautiful escapade was to a fairly minor garden in the general scale of things but still a pretty decent size - say two football pitches?  It was extremely odd to be in so beautiful a place with all these sky scrapers and traffic around you. You could zone it out though, and it certainly was very soothing. And soooo Japanese. 
It was a very useful trip for me. I took in as much as I could and made quite a few observations that will help me prepare for a potential move there. One is the weather. We were on the edge of a cyclone for two days and it POURED with rain.  Umbrellas are a key part of everyone's outfits and are carried everywhere. Then there is cl…

Swap Sign Ups

I am somewhat bleh with jetlag after getting back from Tokyo yesterday but before I post properly about that I have news of two sewing swaps you can sign up for.

1. Super Swaps: A surprise item made with embellishments such as buttons...
Buttons? I'm in. This is done through the Flickr Group Super Swaps. Sign ups open until 30th June. This is my inspiration mosaic for it.

2. Modern Scrappy Bits: Mug Rug, Coasters or Cup Warmer
Sign ups close on Thursday. My views on cup warmers are not as well known as those on guerilla knitting and have never generated any death threats but I have indicated a preference for one of the other two. You also send a FQ worth of quality scraps. No inspiration mosaic for this one but a cat picture instead.