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Showing posts from July 14, 2013

A New Quilt

I am doing very well at crafting from stash. I don't think I've bought anything for a project for...oh wait, I got that yarn in Japan. Well I haven't bought any fabric for a long time. Not that I've managed to make much of a dent in what I have considering I've been doing a lot of projects that only need small amounts. I was put off starting another quilt because I didn't know what to do with it afterwards but I decided to go ahead on the basis of the build-it-they-will-come philosophy. A recipient will turn up.

So I am going with a zig zag quilt.
I have always liked them but I have never liked sewing triangles. Actually, I don't really like them at all. Except as Laughing Cow.
Then I found a tutorial for making the zigs without triangles, using rectangles instead. So...
This isn't all my fabric. It is just the fat quarters that fitted into little colour families. Having chosen to stripe coloured with white I started cutting.
So far I've sewn 3 stri…

Hops and Swaps

Usually I am quite content to send off whatever I have made for a hop - safe in the knowledge I'll be getting something good back again. With the Triple Zip Purse Swap though I *really* want to keep this, even though I know I'll be getting one in the post.
The free pattern calls for simple cuts of fabric in a single pattern but I wanted to try a quilt as you go technique I'd seen online and this seemed like a good opportunity. I love how it has turned out!
It is perfect for scraps which I seem to have a vast amount of. I want to start another one now but I must wait until I get my one first.

The second purse I've finished didn't have to be a purse but I thought it suitable for my Partner in the Super Swaps 7 Swap where you needed to make a surprise item using embellishments. From my Partner's comments and favourites I have come up with this.
She likes birds too.
A few extra made it onto the lining.

Then finally I made a Mug Rug for the Modern Scrappy Swap. This…