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Pin It Real Good

Yay! I love these blog hops! I am definitely going to continue taking part in them when we're living in Tokyo. In the meantime...
Thanks to Madame Samm, Hop Hostess Kristen and all for making this one happen! I actually won a prize at the end of the last bloghop - the Hexi one - so I am feeling very happy!

I had been using the same pin cushion for aaaaaaages - a 6 petal flower one - before making a batch of jar-head ones (I've been watching a lot of JAG and have gone all military!) and then of course I added Wonky the mouse to my collection as part of the Hexi Hop. Here they are:
But for this bloghop I had lots of ideas and things I wanted to try so I ended up making another three! First up a little dresden flower using japanese fabric scraps - one to take to Tokyo! This is only my second dresden - my first was as part of the dresden bloghop! I like using these hops to learn a new technique. Which is what I did with my attempt at scrappy sashiko. I explained my thinking behind…

Tiny Clothes and Stockings

The great thing about knitting for babies is how quickly the little things fly off the needles. Behold! 'Jasmine the Minx' and the more demure 'Autumn Jasmine'.
Neither have buttons yet. For someone who adores buttons so much I seem to have a terrible time sewing them on to clothes. I am thinking some little wired pearl ones for the Autumn cardi and some big red or purple ones on the Minx. Patterns are both free and are Autumn Leaves and the Easy Baby Cardigan which I've made before. On this one I put the fastenings over to one side and made them loops instead of ties.

In between knitting I have also been doing a little sewing. My Christmas stockings are gradually moving on!
I was going to outline the initials with Clover mini bias tape in silver but it was too darn fiddly. I went with bondaweb and zig zag using some nice shiny silver thread.
My one is the only one I've made up so far and I've yet to add lining and the all important hanging loop.
After all,…