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All this getting ready to leave the country means I can no longer avoid my mending pile. It either gets mended or its out! After a recent session I was struck at the different approaches I'd taken. The first was on a dress I only wear for work.

I managed to catch my shoulder on a coat rack of all things and ripped two neat holes in the jersey fabric. I would have ironed some mending fabric to the back had the lining not been left intact. Hence my slightly bunched up but kind of not noticeable mend.
The second one was on the front of a t-shirt I onky wear "off duty". The hole is to the left of my belly button and of course I could have gone for a subtle fix but then there is all this aimless patchwork i've been doing lately.
I darned the hole first, naturally, before appliqueing the hexagon over the top.

Meanwhile it looks like we will be flying on the 19th. Im working until the 15th and everything we're transporting gets collected that day so that leaves me just …