Thursday, 9 January 2014

Normality Has Been Achieved

My facebook status a few days ago read
Every now and again, I look up at all the neon and so on, and think "Holy shit, I'm in Japan."
This happened to me again on the train this morning, and again while I was pottering around the kitchen. I have concluded that this means I am finally used to being here. Being on the metro, walking around the streets, using ingredients whose labels I can't understand, is all quite normal to me now - it doesn't seem obvious that I'm in a different country. A pretty good thing after just 7 weeks on this side of the world.

Normality coincides with my first finished knitting project since I arrived (there was the blanket but that was crochet). It is a Multinomah Shawl (rav link to free pattern) with a beaded cast off.
Multinomah Shawl
Multinomah Shawl
It also coincides with my acquisition of this FQ bundle in very japanese colours.
Polka Dot Fabric Bundle
It also coincides with another visit to my favourite cat cafe in Shinjuku. Prizes were awarded for...Cutest Feet:
Cat Paws
Most Variegated Eyes:
Green Eyed Cat
Fluffiest Face: (can you imagine what this lady looked like as a kitten - omg cute overload)
Most Freaky Looking:
And finally, Most Likely to Become an Evil World Dictator:
Mastermind Cat

As I was leaving I looked back into the room just in time to catch this crazyness...
Sideways Cat
I love these cats!


Mad about Craft said...

I would have thought it would take much longer to get used to living in Japan!

The cats are very cute!

The shawl is beautiful!

Heather Cawte said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, Lixie, but all the info about Japan is especially fascinating! Beautiful shawl, cute cats, and I love the colours of that FQ :))

Lotsa luv, Heather/Doodles

Anonymous said...

Just a comment about your lovely Evil World Dictator. Here, when one of my guys (a normally grumpy guy) gets in a bad mood, he calls that "the stink eye", and he is an EXPERT about stink eyes. :-)

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