Friday, 3 January 2014

Projects Underway in 2014

I have one finished object to share and six - count 'em - underway. First the FO. 
Finished Twit Two Blanket
This is the one I started when we first got here as a replacement for the full size Babette Blanket I made about 7 years ago in London...
...and gave away just before we left. The replacement one is a lot smaller - more like a single bed one - and is more for the sofa than the bed. The yarn is Spectre Modem (rav link) which is a very nice 100% wool aran and I used 2 balls of each colour with an extra 2 of the dark purple for joining and an extra one of the same for a single row around the edge. The yarn was from Okadaya which is still my favourite craft shop in Tokyo so far. 

Now for the WIPs. From left to right starting at the top...
My creation
1. Cushion cover, using up some of the leftover curtain fabric from the bedroom. I didn't have enough to do a proper closure and no zip handy so I decided on button tabs. Except I still haven't sewn on the buttons. Been two weeks now. Yep. 
2. Artemis Socks, using my Meow Foundation cat yarn in the colourway 'siamese'. I am using the Aquaphobia pattern as it is good for breaking up yarn inclined to pool, which I suspected this might. It makes it look like a tawny owl!
Tawny owl
And of course any mention of an owl makes me think of the Hungover Owls tumblr site, which has sadly called it a day at 500 owls but the site remains up. 
3. Pooch's Birthday Present, clearly it's a Sarah Lund jumper from series 1 of The Killing. It's what he requested. 
4. Noriko's Xmas Present, yep - running a little late there. It's a Multinomah Shawl. I've got beads to add to the edging. 
5. Dress for Jasmine, I found this amazingly simple pattern on Etsy. Only making one at the moment to see if it fits. I need to snip the seams more and top stitch before ironing and adding bias tape to the bottom edge. 
6. Lucy Boston Bee Block, the January Queen has asked for green, pink, yellow and orange. That's the thing about these Bees - you get asked for colours you wouldn't normally put together. Been rather fun putting this one together. The November one was grey and yellow which are also colours I don't normally use together. March is to be orange and grey while February is currently a mystery. I was December and chose red and white with the emphasis on polka dots - what else!

I also have a thread catcher in mind - a kind or portable mini-bin for all the snips of thread that currently litter my sofa - plus more red and white Lucy blocks for my own quilt and then something based on all the japanese craft books I've been inhaling. I have pictures from those to share at some later point. 

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Daisy said...

Lovely sock pattern, have added it to my queue!

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