Friday, 24 January 2014

Sewing Fail, Sewing Fun

Fail first. I spent fricking ages putting this zip in.
Polka Dot Zip
I mean...I basted! I haven't basted since the after school sewing teacher made me do it before using the machine. How does it look?
Wretched zip
LUMPY! It looks really lumpy like a pre-schooler did her first zip. Going to have to unpick and rethink. So annoying.

Sewing fun - my first ever spool block.
Spool Block
I am not usually a fussy sewer so a 5" block that uses 11 different pieces was not something I exactly jumped into. But I think it has worked out rather nicely! It is for the She Who Sews Hop which starts next week.
She Who Sews Thoughts
I finally got some inspiration this morning.
She Who Sews Sketch
I will probably still play with the layout but I am pleased enough with it to make 8 more spools. I'm using this tutorial which stays away from triangles so it's a Modern Spool rather than a usual one. I've been going mental on the triangles recently.
Sewing Swap big item in progress
This is becoming a bag for the Sewing Room Swap. I was thinking about how much effort I go to to make these things for swaps and thinking about the effort I put into things for myself. I think sometimes I forget that I am much more valuable to myself than other people - think of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first on an airplane before you help others. I should take this much trouble with things for myself too.

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Jo said...

My first visit to your blog and it is great, super fabric choices and some nice little projects. I like the way you show the stuff you are not sure about either, I do that! Jo

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