Sunday, 30 March 2014

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

The blossom is just starting to come out. Everything in the shops has been blossom themed for weeks but this is the actual event. Pooch and I went to drink it in by walking along the river at Nekameguro, about 25 minutes walk from here.
Cherry Blossom in NakaMeguro
Cherry Blossom in NakaMeguro
The blossom was about 50% out which was plenty to have attracted a lot of visitors. There were stalls and booths up both sides of the river selling food and pretty much every second one had a cherry themed drink. I had a Martini Rose with strawberries bobbing in it. The lanterns really were neon and are lit up at night. The writing essentially says "Buy the best from Cooper's Creosote Ltd" or the equivalent for the local businesses.
Cherry Blossom in NakaMeguro
There was no scent from these but the colour was lovely. A very, very pale pink whereas the buds looked properly pink. It all reminded me of the flower fairy colouring.
Cherry Blossom in NakaMeguro
Although looking at the flower fairy, she's not pink at all apart from her sash. Hmmm. Anyway. 
Cherry Blossom in NakaMeguro
It was pretty awesome. 

Sadly things here have not worked out quite as planned for Pooch (I'm having a brilliant time, not working and all) so it is possible we will be coming back to the UK much sooner than we had originally thought. I won't know how much longer we'll be here for some time yet but in the meantime it means I am appreciating the experiences I am having all the more!

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Mairead Hardy said...

The blossom looks amazing! Sorry to hear you may be retuning sooner than you'd thought. :-(

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