Sunday, 25 May 2014

How I Ended Up Following 113 Blogs

The dangers of Bloglovin - I seem to have ended up following (and keeping up with) 113 different blogs. It's all too easy to click that "follow me on bloglovin" button when I come across an interesting post or to add the url into bloglovin itself and click "follow". The app means I tend to read posts when I am on the metro since the whole underground system in Tokyo has a 3G signal (as far as I can tell).

There are some blogs I have been following for years. Nickerjac, Knitting on the Green, Six Skeins Under, Jane's Probably Knitting and A Dress a Day are all old favourites while others, like Barbara Brackman's historic quilts site or Supergoof who blogs in (I think) Dutch, are ones I've come across through Pinterest or bloghops. Foreign language blogs are no issue since I use Chrome and therefore google translate pops up offering to help whenever I look at them.

However I found them, the full list of 113 is below (and I see it includes my own, which naturally I never miss a post on). The links go to Bloglovin (since that is the only way I could export them) but then you do have a direct link to the actual blog on that page plus a snapshot of the most recent posts. I've put a plus (+) next to the ones I can distrinactly remember reading good posts on recently. I'm sure some are not being kept up to date but then that is something google reader did which bloglovin doesn't - tell you the date of the last post.

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