Thursday, 8 May 2014

One of those "Oh God" days

You know those days where you sit there, clutching your head, going "ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod" over and over and over again? I have had one of those days yesterday.

My utter dick of an ex brother-in-law is being an even bigger dickhead than the last time he was a dickhead. As go between I get both his idiot selfishness and constant demands on top of his last set and my sister's anger and dismay at his utter dickishness.

And then, this morning, I went to the Calico Cat Cafe. Here (on youtube) is the music from the Hamlet Cigar advert (english people living in the 80's will get this, otherwise it's Air on the G String to the rest of you) to listen to while you look at the photos.
Bengal Cat
Polka Dot Cat
Sad Cat
(She looks really sad but actually was having an awesome time with the toy. It's just her folded ears.)
Cat Fur
Sleepy Cat
(On my lap)
Munchkin Cat
Hinata looking up
Hinata (above two photos) is one of my favourites. She has an awesome face but also blisses out in a kind of trance state if you tickle her chin.

In a never before seen or experienced moment, two cats were sitting on my lap at the same time.
Two cats on my lap
The golden orange one was first and wasn't too pleased about the munchkin cat (very short legs) getting on too but reluctantly decided there was room. Plus Hinata was hanging about getting occasional strokes, biding her time til I was free. Or so I tell myself.

Cats. Yeah.

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