Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Handmade in Japan Fes 2014 Part 2

Yesterday I posted the first part of my review of this amazing event. On the way in you walked through a series of workshop areas where you could sign up to try various things.

Painting a New Years Icon (I forget their proper name but you paint one eye in at the start of the year and the other eye at the end of the year.)
New Years totem painting
Corsage making.
Corsage Making
Screen printed t-shirts using a choice of stencils and swirls of colour.
Live Hanga Shop - screenprinted t-shirts
Wet felting where you first bought a ball of roving...
Fibre balls for wet felting
...and then sat down to felt it.
Wet Felting
There were a few others too - embossing metal, children's fish painting and some jewellery ones.

Yesterday's post was all the photos with exhibitor details linked to them. Today we have the orphaned photos I can't find a card for:
Moni Moni Animals
No idea what these are. Earring holders?
Crocheted somethings
Cat House
Stuffed Cat
Tiny rubber stamps - there were quite a few stands like this.
Needle Felted Brooches
Needle Felted Owl
Handmade Dolls
Oh yeah, of course there were eco sanitary towels. Two different companies in fact.
Sanitary Pads
Mount Fuji toilet roll dispenser
Mount Fuji Toilet Roll Dispenser
Push Pins
Push Pins
Cat Purses
The girliest dream catchers ever?
Flower Hair Clips
Holy Crap Shoes
Cat Dolls
Explosion Necklace
Orange and Pink Stand
Flower Bracelets
Woven Bag

When I got back from the venue I realised the Japanese influence had made its way to my outfit. Or at least, I'd tucked my fan in my belt like you would with an Obi if you were wearing a Kimono or Yukata (of which more to come tomorrow).
Me with Fan
My belt had attracted quite a lot of compliments at the show, possibly because buttons are so expensive here and people assumed I must be a millionaire. It is the one I made way back at the start of 2013, at the same time as this black one.
Black Button Belt
I can't seem to find a photo of the red one though so maybe I never captured it for the blog. On my dress you can see my two brooches. The 'pow' one I made myself in June 2012 but the 'Xavier' one is actually a picture of Bruiser, with that being his real name, poor thing.
Me with Badges
I saw it at the cat cafe last week and couldn't resist! I do love that grumpy guy.

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