Thursday, 18 September 2014

Teacher Byrne #2

My original bit of teaching for another organisation didn't work out as no one signed up. I have therefore branched out on my own and created a meetup group called "Tokyo Craft". So far I have listed a tour of the craft shops in Shinjuku, learn to knit, make a kanzashi flower and sashiko for beginners - and I have people signed up for each one! I thought I'd have a practise for the Kanzashi one and whipped up these.
kanzashi flowers
The tweedy one is using traditional japanese fabrics while the other ones are patchwork off cuts. All have vintage button centres.
kanzashi flowers
Two brooches and a pendant/charm. Those all use the same petal shape, and the one I think is the prettiest, but I've also been looking at the more delicate ones made differently using satin and silk. There are some beautiful examples and good tutorials on Pinterest. I've collected some here in case anyone wants them.


Deb said...

Alex, these are adorable! Is there any possibility of these being for sale through your Etsy shop??

Alison said...

I've totally reinvented myself as a sewing teacher here in Santiago. I have a captive market of English speakers. And I love it! Glad you're having some of the same fun in your expat adventure!

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