Saturday, 4 October 2014

September Makes

I've seen multiple blogs complaining that September was over before it really began, so I won;t bore you by saying that again. Thinking back I am not really sure what I have finished apart from that teapot. There must have been something else though...thank god Flickr can jog my memory. It would appear that I actually had quite a creative month.
September Makes
From top left...

  1. Fabric teapot from a kit. 
  2. Bloghop bag accessory which I ended up throwing away.
  3. My sister's hat
  4. Kanzashi flowers for a workshop coming in a week or two. 
  5. The pottery bowls I actually made in July got their glaze and are so funny!
  6. Three more Lucy blocks made for my quilt. 
  7. A one pocket Sew Beautiful bags for a present with sashiko ish embroidered outer fabric. 
  8. Lucy block for a swap
  9. Lucy block for a swap
  10. Lobster pillowcase for the Pooch. 
  11. August's cross stitch made into a book cover. 
  12. The blank, which represents three projects with no photos!
Those three are two skirts - one simple and one complicated - and another cross stitch which is a present. I have also been slogging away on a pair of knitted, cabled socks which will probably be a christmas present for someone. I had a real growth spurt with them and have almost finished the second now. 

October's makes need to include the two (count'em) quilts following my disaster with the first. The second has been cut up into pieces ready for assembly so next week will be a big sewing week!

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Deb said...

You have been busy! I love the bowls - must have missed the blog on those because when I saw them just now my jaw dropped and I thought 'Good grief, she does pottery too?'!! Now we know where all the creative talent went in our family.
Wishing you all the best for your class today - bon chance ma belle. xx

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