Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Makes

Lots and lots of making this month, but I can't show a few of the things since they are presents.
October Makes
I think I blogged about everything except the jumper, top left, which is on its way to England. It is a jumper I said I would knit my my ickle brother at least two birthday's ago. I have high hopes of it arriving in time for this year, when I suspect he is going to be 22, although it could be 23.

I also have what I made for the 'Twas the Night' bloghop which is hopefully now in South Africa, a birthday present now in France, plus the failed Shibori, although I'm hoping to overdye those and still make them passable. In the meantime I suspect Pooch has managed to give me his cold at last, although it must have taken a full week to develop as he is back to 95% strength - enough to be going for a run this morning. I woke up with a stunning sore throat and head cold so today will be a sofa day and another good excuse for a Supernatural binge. I may even finish Season 6!


Heleen Groot said...

I hope you feel better soon!Enjoy your Supernatural binge and eat loads of chocolate. That really helps with colds!

cucki said...

Ohhhhh so lovely
Get well soon dear x

Penny said...

Wow, you've been busy!

Hope you're better soon :)

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