Saturday, 6 December 2014

Finished Objects

I was pondering my decision on 'November Makes' not to post xmas presents I had finished in case people saw them. But I think that's unlikely and in any case only one of these has an obvious recipient and she never reads this. So...bring on the hat montage.
Xmas hats
You might suspect I'd only made two and then photoshopped them, but no. I just figured there was no need to use five different patterns if I found just one or two that I liked. Both of these are free and the vertically ribbed one is an authentic WW2 Watchman's hat (Rav link) while the other is the Luuk hat (Rav link) which I really do like the look of. I may make myself one.

I also made another Sew Together Bag, this time for my sister Sian, mother of my beloved niece. I bought the blue dot linen especially since I know she'll like it.
Sew Together Bag for Sian
A little blanket stitch in my favourite thread - variegated DMC cotton.
Sew Together Bag for Sian
I've rather belated realised that I've not done the hole in the A but there we go - onward! She likes yellow too so I think she'll appreciate the inside.
Sew Together Bag for Sian
I had to take a trip to Shinjuku to get the zip and some other bits and I suspect that might be my last craft shopping until we leave. I treated myself to a very sharp pair of small scissors for snipping tiny bits. My 'fabric' fob on my fabric shears has been quite successful in getting Pooch not to use them in the kitchen (that and howling with pain whenever I've seen him picking them up). I therefore thought another one was in order. It is suitably tiny to match the scissors.
cross stitch scissor fob

Finally, I finished off those Quiet Book pages I showed yesterday. The fish got their googly eyes, the marble maze was completed but the door never got its button handle.
Quiet Book for Jasmine
I used a variety of i-spy type prints for the backs of each page.
Back of Quiet Book Pages
I thought about sewing them back to back but decided it would be too bulky. I am pondering whether to use binder rings or ribbon to bind them - I may consult my sister and see what she thinks. Either way I want the option to add extra pages as I make them in the future. I also need a cover of course!

This weekend will see me trying to engineer a delicate balance. I need to sort out the craft supplies I need until about 5th Jan - considering the holidays I don't see our air freight reaching us before then - and put aside all those to be given away at my last Stitch n Bitch on Tuesday. It all strengthens the decision I came to about stashing about 2 years ago - or basically when Pooch and I divorced (we got back together and remarried for anyone who is confused by that). There's no point stashing more than you can use in the next month or two because you never know when you might have to move, or if there'll be a flood or a fire which will ruin it all. I'll naturally be moving some fabrics and notions back with me but only about two boxes worth. In fact we're hoping to only have to ship about twelve boxes in total, although that might be a little optimistic!

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