Friday, 26 December 2014

Magical Button Jars

My mother-in-law works in a charity shop and when I got here to her house for Christmas she resented me with a little jar full of buttons. I *love* buttons. Seeing my glee she remembered a jar she had (on the left below) and invited me to take any I liked. Squee!
Vintage buttons
Between the two jars I found some lovely ones. Terribly cute yellow on their card and a single in the sweetest shade of red.
Vintage buttons
Lovely pink with an octagonal blue.
Vintage buttons
Beautiful glass ones.
Vintage buttons
Five very small little glass triangles with diamante.
Vintage buttons

I had a lovely Christmas with the in-laws (there were 18 of us in the small house at one point) and a very nice few days before that at my Mum's with my sister and ickle niece. The poor little thing wasn't too well and was cuddled up with her Mum when she asked for a toy. She asked for my Quiet Book!
Sian and Jasmine
I had given it to her the day before the the pages with the moving beads from one to five and the stars on ribbon velcro'd to the page were the clear winners. I was so chuffed that she liked it enough to want it when she was poorly!

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Mad about Craft said...

I love buttons too and have my late MIL and Grans' button tins.

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