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Sewing Finishes

I have two quick projects to show. The first is a second embroidery case. My original one, from the "Say it with flowers" bloghop, is on the left while the new one is on the right. When my Mum saw mine she remarked that one would be perfect for her to carry her embroidery around in rather than the carrier bag she was using. Hint taken!
Her taste in colours and patterns is somewhat different to mine, so I gathered seven flower prints and some scraps of a japanese crane print I already had and got to work.
The button is a fabric covered one using another of the japanese scraps. The binding is pukka liberty bias binding I bought one day thinking of making a necklace.
It matched this too well though not to be used for its proper purpose. The embroidery is feather stitch, one of my Mum's favourites, and there is a nice diagram of how to do it half way down this page.

On the inside, similar to the inside of the original at the top of the picture, is a needle holder, transparen…

And Now For Some Knitting

You wouldn't think that 35+ degree weather would make for happy knitting but then you might not have taken into account this new fangled air conditioning I'm getting used to. That makes it perfect knitting weather! I am currently working on little Jasmine's winter wardrobe and making two-year-old sizes since although she'll only be 18 months she's quite a girl. First up we have a nifty ensemble in grey.
The cardigan is based on a french design that was only available for three year olds. So I adapted a Drops pattern and it came out ok. The only thing is the bow is a bit droopy. I might need to move the fastening to change that. Details on ravelry here. The hat is uber stretchy and has those cords to stop the little bugger pulling it off. Details on ravelry here.

In addition I have cast on and half done a wrap cardigan for the Jbola Virus since the wrap cardi I made when she was a tiny one went down very well. Again I'm using a Drops pattern and I'm even usi…

Yukata and Fireworks

With my handmade yukata finally finished, I was heading out to a yukata dressing workshop followed by fireworks to the north of Tokyo.

For those in need of a refresher, a yukata is essentially an unlined cotton kimono worn in the summer. They can be worn generally, and some people do wear them everyday, but they are specifically worn by young people at festivals and many stores/stalls/venues offer discounts during july-august for people who turn up wearing one. I made my yukata from scratch in the workshops organised by the lovely Kaori of Field Trip + who also organised this event. Previous blog posts about it here and here.

The workshop was great. The teacher had extensive experience promoting japanese traditions. She was wearing this beautiful swallow pattern yukata.
The rest of us fumbled along under her expert tuition. The two on the right had made their yukatas alongside me while the other two had bought theirs.
Until finally...
Cool, huh? I have to wear my obi higher than is re…

Handmade in Japan Fes 2014 Part 2

Yesterday I posted the first part of my review of this amazing event. On the way in you walked through a series of workshop areas where you could sign up to try various things.

Painting a New Years Icon (I forget their proper name but you paint one eye in at the start of the year and the other eye at the end of the year.)
Corsage making.
Screen printed t-shirts using a choice of stencils and swirls of colour.
Wet felting where you first bought a ball of roving...
...and then sat down to felt it.
There were a few others too - embossing metal, children's fish painting and some jewellery ones.

Yesterday's post was all the photos with exhibitor details linked to them. Today we have the orphaned photos I can't find a card for:
No idea what these are. Earring holders?
Tiny rubber stamps - there were quite a few stands like this.
Oh yeah, of course there were eco sanitary towels. Two different companies in fact.
Mount Fuji toilet roll dispenser
Push Pins
The girliest dream catche…

Handmade in Japan Fes 2014 Part 1

Last weekend was the amazing "Handmade in Japan Fes 2014" at Tokyo Big Sight. The building itself is astonishing.
It reminds me of a scene in 'Men in Black' where Will Smith is told that the observation towers at Flushing Meadows Park in NY are actually the first spacecraft that landed on Earth that couldn't take off again.
Standing underneath it is fairly imposing.
The bit I was going to was in the basement and consisted of two huge exhibition halls full of, I would guess, 2000-3000 exhibitors. These were quality stands too with many vendors looking completely professional with very nicely designed tables. Prices were high - high enough for you to be sure these people had taken into account the time they had put into making these things - so my haul wasn't enormous even though I spent almost £60. However, it is all gorgeous stuff which I am very happy to have brought home.
From top left, clockwise, we have a kanzashi hair elastic, leather cat ring, knitted h…