Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Normal Service Will Resume At Some Point

I am currently living with The Pooch in a tiny studio flat in Paddington (London) without any craft materials other than one half done pair of knitted socks and one patchwork hand sewing project. I have also been ill with a virus pretty much since the plane touched down from Tokyo two weeks ago AND I sprained my thumb lugging that wretched suitcase around over xmas so can't in fact knit anyway until it has healed. As a result I've not got a lot to blog about apart from the occasional outing completed between bouts of coughing.
By March I hope to be living in a more permanent place in a country to be confirmed. Until then it might be a bit sporadic on here.
Sad Kitty
Here are some more cat pictures to round things off. I hate blog posts without pictures.
Tsukimaru Goes Veggie

1 comment:

2ply said...

I've got a virus that sounds like that one, so I hope we are both better soon. xxx

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