Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Lot of English Paper Piecing and a New Home!

I am back from the UK and have gone straight into the process of moving into our permanent rental. I'll share a few pictures but first, here is one of the projects I took with me to sew while I was away.
EPP in progress
It is in three pieces at the moment and it is the top right piece I am currently working on, working vertical strips and joining them to grow it from right to left. This is the quilt I am making for my Mum and she chose a lot of the fabrics, which were all fat eighths at most in size. The pieces have 3" sides and I made all the pieces while I was in Tokyo last year. This is my design...
Mum's Quilt Diagram I'm getting there gradually.

My EPP "Feels Like Spring" swap also got underway while I was away so I have made these since getting back using 1" hexagons.
EPP in progress
The pouch is going to be a very simple zip up one but I hope my Partner likes it!

Our new flat is only 20 minutes walk from our current one so we popped over there yesterday to put our 13 (!) signatures on the lease. That's 13 signatures each - there are only the two of us living there. We had each forgotten quite how spacious the place was but I know it will quickly fill up with furniture.
New flat
There is lots of light and sun comes in throughout the morning. The unusual L shape of the living area means that one bit will always be quite dark but I am planning lots of lamps for it. Pooch will have a desk and chair there so it will be his little hidey hole plus my shelving area.
New flat
We have a huge IKEA shipment and another from Amazon due on Wednesday next week so I will be doing an awful lot of flat pack assembly and arranging. But once it's all done I'll have a proper place for my craft stash - hooray!

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Farm Quilter said...

I can't wait to see the furnished flat! Moving is such fun...NOT! I'm helping my daughter move from Washington state to Hawaii in June.

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