Sunday, 5 April 2015

Nice Niece

I have been back in England this week - for the SkipNorth knitting holiday and for some niece action. And we have been very active. She started off wearing one of the three 'My Aunt Rocks' top I got her (in 2Y, 3Y and 4Y sizes).
My Niece
Then she helped me brush my hair.
My Niece
This was quickly followed by her 'helping' her Mum brush her hair, and hitting her on the head with the flat wooden side of my hairbrush. (Fnah fnah). There has been lots of shuffling around in my shoes.
My Niece
This isn't something she'd done before but she was even more excited when a pair of silver ballet flats arrived yesterday and has been 'wearing' those a lot. All that activity tired her out, so she snuggled up with Mum.
My Niece and Sian
Then this morning she insisted we go out while Mummy was having a lie in, and we found a (non-muddy) puddle!
My Niece
That is a reference to her beloved Peppa Pig who jumps in muddy puddles. It is also who is on her top. While we were out a lady gave us three red balloons!
My Niece
I was amazed they survived being dragged around so much but she was loving it.

So lovely to spend time with her (and my sister of course).

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