Thursday, 2 July 2015

Latest on my Lucy Boston

As last reported in May, I now have 40+ Patchwork of the Crosses blocks so I have started on the bits between them. There are various ways of arranging them but I have chosen this one:

For every block I therefore need 24 white honeycombs and 16 red squares, and for my 4-squares marked '2' in the diagram, I am going to use a 2" square of white. So for 40 blocks, I need 960 white honeycombs and 640 red squares. And that's not counting any kind of border. Wow. Here is one I've added the extra white pieces to and am adding the red squares in.
Lucy Boston patchwork of the crosses

It's astonishing that, just as I think the main job is done, it turns out I need even more pieces than the block took to join it to the next one. Amazing!


Kathy said...

Very nice! I love the fussy cut pieces around the center cross.

jan said...

Oh I love this Alex! Your red and white Lucy is going to be stunning!

Rosa said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Susie Q said...

te he.... stop thinking and keep sewing.... it is going to be wonderful.

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