Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sew Simple Saturday!

I am joining up with the Sew and Sow Farm Sew Simple Saturday linky! Joining in has made me think about what is meant by "simple sewing". Jan is encouraging us to think about what seams simple to us but to others seems like something really complicated. The craft that, for me, definitely falls into that category is cross stitch. I started doing cross stitch when I was a little girl using those cardboard punch cards that showed you where to put every stitch using a needle the size of a pen. I went through various kits starting with those plastic canvas and scratchy wool ones...
...and then for, I think, my 14th birthday I got this one. 
Unfinished house cross stitch
As you can see I haven't got too far in the last 22 years but I've not given up yet! 

Since then I have sewn some weird and wonderful things, some of which are here:
Deb's cross stitch framed
cross stitch book cover
Home Sweet Home Tardis
Cross Stitch Finished
These are all quite big but ultimately cross stitch comes down to putting straight stitches into a grid with holes in it. It's that simple. One of the workshops I taught in Tokyo was for cross stitch and there are a few basic rules to get going:
  1. Don't try and sew with thread longer than your finger tips to elbow. It will just get tangled. 
  2. To start a new cross stitch find the centre of your pattern and decide on a colour or element to start sewing with. Then fold your cloth in half left to right then top to bottom to find the centre and finger press to show where it is when you unfold again. Now you've found the centre of the cloth and know where to start to make sure your design is centred.
  3. Go ahead and knot your thread to start and finish. Purists might talk about working without knots but it's really "knot" a problem. 
Here is a little one that anyone can make using a scrap of aida fabric. 
cross stitch scissor fob
It's a fob for my tiny embroidery and applique scissors. And here is what I am currently working on:
Cross stitch ABC of Faith in progress
This a simple kit by Lizzie Kate called "ABCs of Faith". I am an Atheist so this isn't to my taste but I know the person I'm giving this to for Xmas will be very happy with it. 

Give Cross Stitch a try!

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