Thursday, 31 March 2005

Business, pills and polls

This is it, I am actually going to properly start up my own business. Trudie from HipKnits has been really helpful with advice and I have scoured barclays and the prince's trust for guidance. Seems because I am under 30 I might be able to get some money from them to help start up. The figure I have in my head to start with is £1000 but I need to do the business plan properly to get this really sorted.

Saw Dr P this morning and he wants me to stay on the anti-d's for another year...rather longer than I was hoping. I just keep forgetting how ill I was I guess. I don't have to stay on the high dose though - I can half it by cutting one pill a week for 7 weeks. Just as well my diary is now in this ipaq as otherwise I would confuse myself about how many to take when.

I did a poll on UKHandKnitters to see what dress size people were and have found about 40% are between 14-22. Now that is useful information to have, especially with the business plan coming together. There was another poll asking how much time you spend knitting a day and I'm definitely in a minority with about one measley hour a day! Guess that explains why I don't have a picture to post today.

Started reading this amazing blog last night called That woman is cool, and the bag is amazing. I want to make a mitred bag now.

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