Wednesday, 30 March 2005

Moved, thank god

As ever, moving was a hassle although it went very well all things considetred. Pooch kicked up big time over the amount of stuff I had but it is all now unpacked and put away so he has stopped bleating. I do now have a proper stash cupboard, picture to follow.

I had started trying to knit celeste from Rowan mag but had to frog it FIVE times. Amazed the calmer withstood the abuse. Just couldn't get the pattern to work out once it went into purl 2 tog tbl. Need to look that one up. Instead I have done the sleeves. Sleeves first - what a revolutionary idea. Although I have just read on UKHandKnitters that someone else does that all the time!

Was caught up in a burst of creativity at the weekend as well so have designed a top to be done in sari silk yarn based on a designer dress in 'Knitting in Fashion' which is a book I just love. This it is by Yohimoto but have probably spelt that wrong. Will post a pic as soon as I have finished the front.

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