Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Moving day cometh

Have nicely timed a strained back to coincide with moving. Is rather inhibiting my packing but hopefully it will loosen up today so I can finish tomorrow afternoon.

I have decided to start Elspeth on p.39 of the latest Rowan mag. I have some calmer left over in a really nice red shade that I got in the John Lewis sale at Xmas and it is just enough to do it. I do like these little bolero things although I'll have to be careful what I wear them with. OK, actually that's not true. My thought was I'd have to be careful otherwise it might look like I have no waist and I don't want people to think I have no waist.

As you can tell, the psychological reprogramming hasn't moved on much in the last few days although at least now I recognise more when I am doing it.

My home business idea moves on - all I need (all!) is to find out about customs rates for importing stuff from America. Is proving difficult. I have emailed HM customs and excise but they have a 10 day turn around. Mind you, it's not like I haven't got stuff to keep me busy in the meantime.

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