Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Back from blackpool, and boy....

have I got some yarn for you. There is this absolutely amazing yarn store just by St Anne's station where we were staying. It's called "The Sheep Shop" and before I go any further I have to point out that Pooch found it. Yes, he has officially developed wooldar. The owner is Suzy and she has an ebay seller name of suzysheepshop and she id a dude.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com So the spoils include some Adriafil which is italian and I'd never seen it before. Have got some "Graphic", "Baroque" in three colours and "Ibiza" which is a cotton ribbon yarn. All very yum. Then have some "gypswy" (very soft), black and white james c brett "Marble" which is what I did my cardigan in. Last a ball of stylecraft "Mardi Gras". And then the amazing happened.....

I admired a jumper hanging from the ceiling and we discussed how wonderful Debbie Bliss Maya is. Then she said the magic words.... "I've only got about 8 skeins of that left now. You can have them for £4.50 each if you want." OH MY GOD. I mean, they're normally £8.50 and these are the best shades of red ever. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The holiday (yarn aside) was blinding. The weather was absolutely ghastly but we had excellent fun. Pooch has been a darling and have a picture of him to post once I've recovered from my shop this morning. And I know I said I was out of cash and have to stop buying yarn in my last post, but now I am REALLY short of cash (god bless credit cards) and so NO MORE YARN!!! (Until Woolfest...)

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Noo said...

Love your blog!

I am sooooooo envious of your Maya score. I've wanted some for ages, but I am trying to be good. Had I encountered it at such a knock down price, I would have been defeated! What a bargain.

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