Friday, 27 May 2005

blocked cable top

So here it is, all blocked and just drying in the stonking heat here in london today. Actually, it isn't too bad at the moment, but it's set to make the tarmac melt or something equally daft later on.

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Front and back.

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Have some concerns that the waist will be too tight. No point worrying about it just now though.

Have been thinking I'd really like to get more into designing things, like the loop-d-loop things. I've got two books on how to design knitwear so I really should nuckle down and try some stuff.

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C x said...

There are some fab older books that have very good chapters on designing knitwear. Off the top of my head there is a Rae Compton one called practical knitting,

Also, if you ever come across a copy of the Readers Digest complete book of needlework I suggest you snap it up. The knitting chapter is maybe only 100 pages long but it has a complete section on different armholes, and necklines and a very interesting stitch dictionary. Kinda conscise but very to the point.

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