Monday, 9 May 2005

Monday bloody monday

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Have had a minging day. The whole cutting down on medication thing has been a bit of a poo and today I had to leave work early because I couldn't take all the extra emotion I was swimming in. So am going to go back up to 40mg and just tell Dr P that I'll try again in three months.

So back to the weekend I started the first pair of socks I've knitted myself since taking my part in the two-needle revolution. Am half way through the second one now (the one I've knitted is the one on the right foot in case anyone is in any doubt). It's regia yarn in a colourway I hadn't seen before from Liberty. I realllllllllly like the colours and have a jumper pattern from a french magazine with kind of ribby ruffles on cuffs and collar. Is on 3.25mm though and I get easily bored at that size.

My business ambitions continue... am trying to raise money by selling stitch markers on ebay. Check out

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