Thursday, 12 May 2005


I have a new love affair - with Noro. I was in John Lewis last night positively drooling over their meagre selection and the patterns books that go with it. I quite astonichingly DIDN'T buy anything I hadn't gone there for (needed yarn to start kaffe fasset project) so didn't get the three pattern books I wanted. The thing is, I only really want about 2 patterns from each. And the yarn is soooooooo nice. And they've got it with the debbie bliss maya which is also mega yum. I actually started to convince myself that, hey, £8.50 isn't so much for 100g of chunky yarn when you think of the quality.

Am off to ebay to see if anyone insane is selling it off cheap. If anyone knows of any good suppliers let me know.

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