Thursday, 26 May 2005

Ode to Pooch

I know he keeps an eye on my blog so I thought I'd give him a big thank you for being so very lovely. He actually has gone to quite a lot of trouble to understand what 'cabling' means and why kid silk haze is so special and why wool is only wool if it is 100% wool and otherwise it is yarn. And how much time goes into knitting something. And why you can never have too much yarn and why I need to have so many patterns. And why having no money doesn't count when there is a new LYS to explore and you have a credit card. And why yarn is better when it's on view plus why there needs to be so many different projects on the go at once. He knows how painful it is to rip something and that everything knitted is knitted with love. I love Pooch x

And so here for the first and only time is Pooch in his space invaders jumper that, yes, was way way too big. Image hosted by

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