Tuesday, 31 May 2005


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Am not too sure about the yellow. Don't think I'll use it again. So there it is and I just get on with it for another 30 cm or so. I quite like fairisle - it is stocking stitch which is my favourite and keeps things changing by using three colours on each row and changing the colours every three rows.

In others news am SOOOO annoyed. Two parcels have arrived and I just know they are wool-based (wooldar) and the concierge man wasn't manning his station so I couldn't pick them up. I neeeeeed those parcels.

Was reading my 'yarn to dye for' or something like that book at lunch. Can't wait til the weekend to try it out. Am also trying another Monica Ferris book (craft mysteries) that arrived from amazon at the same time. Actually I ordered three and they all came - don't tell Pooch!


Nickerjac said...

It looks great and2 if you really don't like the yellow there is always swiss darning.its that amazon offer of free postage for orders over £19 gets me into trouble every time :)

Daisy said...

Let us know what the books were like - especially the Teva Durham one!

Daisy said...

Oops. How did my photo get there? Where did it come from? Grrrr. Sorry. :-)

littlelixie said...

It's OK, my photo comes up when I post too. Weird huh?

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