Saturday, 28 May 2005

So here's what I'm going to do

After my big old quandry yesterday about what to knit next all is resolved./ Someone on the list (think it was Diane) suggested I knit squares for a blanket. Think I'd blogged about this idea before so I got out my stitch dictionary and did two in a random ball of variegated cotton I had hanging around. Then I thought about the Kaffe Fasset design Image hosted by
and my little, umph, disaster as regards the whole dk vs 4-ply thing and decided to nuckle down to some sample squares to see how I could get the right tension. 4-ply and 4mm needles seems to do it so I'm off. Image hosted by
means having three colours per row but fortunately the beginning was the bottom edge rib so I've done that just to get warmed up. Image hosted by
Will start the pattern proper tomorrow.

Have been reading people's blogs from list on left and leaving comments and questions and people have got back to me really quickly. Have found out lo0ts of interesting things form other knitting bloggers. Thanks everyone!


Andrea said...

Lovely top (tank?) Good Luck with it. Also like you cable top - is this the one from rowan 37 without the beads???

Rosemarie Buchanan said...

Hi there! Hey, how do you get your pic into your profile (and so that it'll end up in a comment). I really like that, and would love to put my own pic up, similar to you.

Rosemarie (lace knitting addict ;-)

Katie said...

I love the colours you're using for the top.

katie said...

Is the cable top the Rowan 37 one without the beads as Andrea asked? I think it looks great and am tempted to make it myself now!


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