Saturday, 11 June 2005

Forced knitting

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Flat downstairs having a party. Means their loud, awful music is louder and awfuller than usual. Will therefore finish this tonight. Will sew up when am more awake.

Oooo, moody post today!


scarletprincess said...

I know what you mean about forced knitting... today i felt that i MUST finish the tank top i've been making and sew it up tonight for a blog post... damn i hate sewing up!
At least its one out the way and i can cast on the front of my basketweave tunic tomo in time for our knitting meet!

Good luck with the niose!
Fi x

Angie Cox said...

Sorry you have the same problem as us...neighbour-wise that is.It is really anti-social to inflict what you like on others.I adore your boucle buy ..I got a parcel of purple and black mix from E:Bay today .I don't find many hand-dyers do the colours I like most ..dark purples and teal greens.There are so many pretty pinky ones .My daughter just joined U.K handknitters so she will keep me up to date ,she is 15 .Angie Cox ( Suzysheep shop has some Noro listed today ..if you are the blogger who likes that shop )

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