Friday, 24 June 2005

The inevitable has happened

So naturally the first knit happens parcel has turned up. Now I'll have to fork out to post it back. Tsk, just about cancels out my savings I made by getting 10% off in the first place. Ah well. So now I'm confused. Is this the parcel the postman tried to deliver on monday or is it a different one. And if it is a different one, where is the one the postman was supposed to deliver. TEDIOUS.

So sorry secret pal for being so impatient and thinking you had dispatched something to me already - I will wait patiently now. I have planned the next stage of spoiling my own pal - a wicked bag with tonnes of pockets I'm going to embellish. Won't put a pic up until it's safely received just in case she has worked out who I am.

Am also planning to make this bag after seeing it on blueadt's blog. Is even nicer than the one I was planning for.

So I wanted to go here today to paint myself a plant pot and maybe some egg cups as we don't have any....but am waiting around for the postie so day is leaking away from me. Hope the parcel comes soon - will give up at 1pm and shoot over there. Now must let know the good news about the parcel.


Nickerjac said...

Have you been to Art$fun before? I keep looking at the one in Chiswick and about painting some mugs for the studio can't wait to see the egg cups.

Yvonne said...

Just a thought - if both Knit Happens parcels turn up why not let me know - I might be interested in buying the contents off you and that would save return postage costs!

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