Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Is it a dog or a dinosaur?

Now I don't like dogs....but I wouldn't do this to one. Identity crisis surely?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Just finally gave in to the designswool closing down sale (designswoolsale@aol.com - yarns at 40% off rrp). Was the sock yarn that got me. I was already planning to get it for xmas presents but had told myself to wait for ally pally. But why pay full price there when I already know what the quality is like? Also did a bad thing and got 10 balls of cargo from suzysheepshop for £25 inc postage. Is the pale grey colour. I just really like the feel of it when it's knitted up in John Lewis.

Is there some sort of 7 step programme I can go on to help me stop buying wool? Seriously - someone let me know.


Kate said...

There is no 7-programme as far as I know. There is no hope. The only thing to bear in mind is that (as 'im indoors always says) "it could be worse - it could be smack." As far as I know there have been no reports of anyone, knitter or otherwise, dying from an overdose of wool. Penury, on the other hand, is common.

The two end knitting is great fun. It's addictive. (Maybe I've just got an addictive personality.)


RoxyKnits said...

Poor doggy - he doesn't look very happy. I think it's time to call the RSPCA.

Re yarn addiction - it's too late now. You've been bitten by the bug. Just relax and enjoy. Weird though, who would have thought sock knitting could be so addictive and the urge to buy yet more yarn so compulsive. I reckon they put some secret ingredient in it to make you buy more.......

Nickerjac said...

If you find that seven step programme sign me up its definitely getting out of hand

pixeldiva said...

If you figure it out, can you let me know? Cos I've got a HUGE stash already, considering I've only completed one and a half things and been knitting for all of two months... and that's before I've visited the John Lewis and Liberty sales, or the opening of Loop.

I'm doomed.

Mr Pix is starting to get very scared.


Jesus. That poor dog is in need of our help. Mind you, at woolfest they had sheep in jumpers which seemed to scale new heights of 'wrongness'.

Karen said...

Ho, ho, The Dogasaurus book was about in Oz at least a year ago, and several incarnations have been seen in the posher suburbs, where they have twee doggies on french brand name leads, going for little walkies in the park. Other than breeds like whippets, which have nothing to keep them warm, no self-respecting Aussie dog would do less than seriously maul an owner who tried to dress it like that!!

Nettie said...

That dog kind of looks like my sister's. We'd never make her a dinosaur though.

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