Sunday, 26 June 2005

Isn't it saturday #2

Them downstairs had another party last night. Had to wait up til 1am to let the noise police in but that did actuallystop them thank god. Means Pooch and I are both v tired today as neither of us are good at lie ins mores the pity. It might appear I haven't been up to much knitting-wise over the weekend but it's just not true. It's just that I forgot to take my meds yesterday until about 3pm and so felt like poo. I find it astonishing that I've been taking these pills non-stop for 18 months now and it's still not automatic to take them. What a weirdo!

So I started 'birch' from knitty in the green and blue wool I bought from silkwood. Just didn't like it much - think I have chosen the wrong yarn. So have put that on a stitch holder ready to ponder for a few days. Then I started a scoop neck top in red cotton cashmere that I got from coldspring. Is a pattern I got from Julie (names=?) on Wed. That is going well but is basically stocking stitch for 35 cm. My ball winder got a lot of use yesterday winding all these skeins and cones into balls.

Pooch has objected mildly to being a llama so it will only be there til Tuesday - stroke him while you can! My sister sian is coming round today for dinner. It's OK though - Pooch is cooking so it's perfectly safe. I was going to draw a pic of sian ti put up here but Pooch's rubbish computer doesn't have a draw programme. Gosh, how useless is this laptop? Wish I had a boyfriend with a good computer.


scarletprincess said...

Well I think Pooch should be grateful to be a Llama... theyre beutiful good natured creatures!
I know what you mean about remembering to take pills... nightmare!

Nickerjac said...

thats a pity about Pooch the llama. I think you maybe right about the yarn from Silkwood might not be right for birch, but then again there are no hard and fast rules

Tracy said...

Ahh poor boyfriend! Go give him a hug and hope he didn't read that bit. Hope you get some sleep tonight, if it's not noise it's the heat just lately.

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