Friday, 24 June 2005

Isn't it saturday?

Yay for day's off. Boo for days when you can't afford woolfest. Yay for days when you can at least do something special for £30. Big yay for painting pottery blanks and then getting to pick them up 5 days later all glazed and fired. No pics I'm afraid but I did a huge plant pot in 4 different designs on different quarters. Then did a green and yellow tea mug for Pooch as those are the colours he wanted. Then I just couldn't resist a really curvy mug and writing 'knitter' across it in red and blue - jasper johns 0-9 style. I love those paintings. Must be one I can link to somewhere....
Image hosted by
Found one. I *L*O*V*E* this guy's stuff - especially the numbers. And this drawing here is probably my all time favourite. I'd forgotten how much I liked it. Really ought to get a print from somewhere.

So I had a fandabbydocious day. Knitting and parcels this morning, painting and cool weather this afternoon, thunder storm and sushi this evening and now Moonraker on tv (Pooch at a new order concert - weirdo). Not the best bond film but not the worst either. I find it quite sweet that Jaws ends up with a girlfriend at the end. Yay - am in a really good mood. Yipppppeeeee

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