Monday, 20 June 2005

Summer time, and am feeling sickly

Off work today - feel like poo. Think is the aftereffects of not sleeping properly all weekend but also got really bad sore throat. Ok, enough gloom.

Clapotis continues well.
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I was rather surprised to find the pink and blue in it but I guess Noro know what they are doing and Pooch seems to really like it and he's dead fussy so it must be OK. It looks uneven at the mom because the left end has had the stitches dropped but the right hasn't. This is about 60% done. The yarn is all from and I had a 10% discount code (now long expired). I get them occasionally from a mailing list I belong to - next time they email me I'll put the "how to subscribe" bit on here as it is quite good. On the subject of discounts Iva Rose has buy one get one free on all her vintage pattern books until 4th July. She is really nice and the service is very good.

Have picked a bad day to be off work - wimbledon has started so all tv is dominated by that. Knitting and audio books I think.

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scarletprincess said...

Hey there
I know what u mean about grotty... finally got to see the GP today and he's referring me to a neurologist at the hosp *sigh*. If it will cheer u up you can test some of my prototype stitch markers... mail me if you're interested
Get Well
Fi x

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