Sunday, 5 June 2005

There's knitting and then there's Machine Knitting

Oooooooo yes. It happened yesterday. The machine arrived from Ruth yesterday - so nice of her to bring it round. It is a brother kh891 and has a ribber with it. I set it up this morning Image hosted by and look what I got! Within about 20 minuites of opening the box! Image hosted by

The main problem is that it didn't come with a manual so I am using a scanned one from the web, and the picture quality on the scans is poo. So I couldn't work out the wholoe casting on thing and so I think I should have moved the cast on hook strip thing away after the first cast on row maybe. Instead it just sat there and hings got a bit ruffled:

Image hosted by

I'm hoping there are some lovely machine knitter out there who can clue me in on what I am doing wrong. I have a couple of books on order from amazon an some punchcards from ebay but you know I'm just so impatient! Is so exciting! Will be able to do all the small guage stuff on machine and the bigger 5mm + by hand which I much prefer. Lovely jumpers and skirts here I come! Woo hoo


Nickerjac said...

How jealous am I can't wait to see results

Amelia said...

Mmm, I am wondering, do I really NEED a dining room table?

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