Monday, 25 July 2005

3 things

1. Thanks everyone - commenters and private emailers. Still feel awful today but life carries on.

2. Secret Pal - you are amazing. This is the yarn she has sent me. 50% cotton and acrylic. So soft and the colours are even nicer than they seem here. Then a beautiful mug with sheep on (baa!) plus marzipan chocolate which I've managed not to eat long enough to photograph and a tin on a keyring that says "Very Important Stuff" on it.

3. This is the picture of a temari ball I particularly loved when I found it before. Isn't it lovely? Got my weekends mixed up - is the 6th I go and meet Liz hich means she didn't get rained on this weekend (she'll get rained on next weekend instead - fingers crossed you won't)

Have experimented with blogger's own photo hosting thing and seems to be working quite well. Just a short post now as wanted to show everyone my SP presents before I ate them!

One last thing...a quote I saw on a yahoo list...
"I'm only as strong as the cocktails I drink, the hairspray I use, and the friends I have."


Daisy said...

Take care Alex. Just remember that men think very very differently!

Love the stuff from your secret pal and very commendable that you took a photo before eating the chocolate - I'd never have managed that!


Hey lady, I've tagged you, maybe it will be cheering to think about the five things that make you, you....

scarletprincess said...

Well I rarely used hairdspray, don't drink cocktails but have some amazing friends. Am I limp but tactile?!
Love the secret pal pressies! That Tamari ball is super-gorgeous!

Anna Sorrentino said...

Take care of yourself Alex. Hope things get better soon.

Warm hugs from miserably overcast South London,

Anna xx

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