Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Blog roll thing

So day three of the surprise sit-in. It's more the tiredness now than the depression - I'm also gearing up for going in tomorrow and blitzing all the work that has piled up. Girding my loins is the expression that I've been using to the lovely people who have been emailing me and leaving supportive comments. I promise to change the tune tomorrow as there are only so many sympathetic things to say I can expect people to think of ;p

Seeing how I do not have much else to do (apart from knit, blog, read knit blogs, eat chocolate) I have been sexing up my blog unnecessarily (sexing - ha!) with this blogroll tool. It doesn't look that different but apparently it will auto check who has updated their blog and make their name look different and then I'll just read those ones rather than clicking through them all. Can you believe I am actually proud of this achievement? Geez. I'm going to spend the day slepping (and quite possibly sleeping), knitting, looking for new knitting blogs to read and eating chocolate.

If you go back to sleep 2 hours after waking up does that count as a nap? Or is it 'going back to bed'? I'm not dressed yet so I guess it is 'going back to bed'. But it seems a bit defeatist to go back now. Will see if I can make it til 10!

For those following the flat-next-door-saga I heard lots of noise out there yesterday and stuck my head out. The guy who was sawing the door with a big saw (using the hole previously made right through it to get maximum saw usage) claimed to be our neighbour but I'd never seen him before. He left after I spoke to him, leaving the door just slightly worse off than it was before. Now, sure, I thought about calling the police, but last time the door got battered I dialled 999 and it took them three days to come and say there was nothing they could do about it. When I told Pooch about this he was quite annoyed about me talking to strange men with saws. Hadn't thought of the whole "sawn up body of middle-aged depressee found in stratford" angle.


Steph said...

A quote from the "No to the Poncho" rules: "Making ponchos for others is fine! Please just be opposed to wearing one." Sums me up perfectly. :-)


27 ain't middle-aged matey, not last time I checked. It is absolutely pissing it down here today. Perhaps weirdly, I prefer it at the moment to when it is sunny because being in bed, fed up seems even worse on a sunny day than on a munting day like today. I have made it into work today (hurrah for me functioning like a 'normal person') but am finding it difficult to actually process work thoughts hence visiting blogs instead. Off to visit Stockton-on-Tees this afternoon for work, possibly one of the grimmest places I have ever passed through. Arse.

Becky said...

I think that going back to bed after being up for two hours definately qualifies as a nap - that is exactly what Jacob does every day and it is called his nap - so why can't it be the same for you ? I like the idea of this blogroll thing - when I've got time to take a break from the decorating I may have to investigate it.

I hope you day is nice and relaxed and you feel able to go in to work tomorrow.

Jane said...

Hi Alex - sorry to hear you're still low - are you coming tonight? If not my very bad Coldspring confession will have to wait till next week....

See you soon


Hazy said...

If you are branching out into blogrolls, how about joining a webring? I'm a member of the Knitting Blogs webring ( and it has increased my traffic a fair bit.

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