Monday, 18 July 2005

fimo, knitting, but first...

How could anyone human create something so goddamn tasty?
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To the uninitiated this is a picture of Gu Hot Chocolate Souffle - sold in packs of two at all the best supermarkets. To call this a dessert is...just not enough. These things are sooooo..ooooo...oooooooo...oooooooo good. Oh, man, just finished one and I want more , NOW! Down girl, be strong. Think of the 12-step plan..

Because, readers, the 12 step plan is going very very well. I have written it down up to step 4 but I've got a load more in my head and I want you all to know that I am now at a place where....I do not *need* to buy yarn, even if it's a really good deal or I know I'll use it *soon* or it's rare or whatever. I can choose to buy it - but I now have a choice. Yes, it is true, I have a cure for SABLE.

Maybe this is partly because I am having so much fun with what I've already got...? Here, for example, is some plain old cotton I bought I while back when I was in a yarn store and felt I *had* to buy something even though it was all quite ghastly. You know my idea with the fabric markers? Well, I went for it and let loose. Holdin the pen in one hand and the other end of the cotton in the other I positioned pen over yarn and just pulled it along. Because the yarn has a twist and because of something, probably physics, the yarn followed the path of least resistance and so only the plys that were originally under the pen got coloured. This produced this quite cool helter skelter effect.
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So off I went...and on the right here is what happened. Now I had done a whole bit in red, which is the bottom, then some in variegated purple (dash, plain, dash, plain etc) and then mucking about with pink and red above that. Because of the way the yarn is it didn't work out as I thought it would but I quite like the effect.
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The one on the left is just where I knitted a swatch in plain cotton and then drew on it with the pens. That's an 'N' with a exclamation mark under it btw. I have yet to wash them both and see how they bear up.

Now finally, so far - I'm still in the middle of a creative burst - I got home and immediately sat down and made these:
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You see I picked up some cocktail sticks on the way home and filed the points blunter and cut them in half and then made more little balls and stuck 'em in and there they are. That's one of my little sticth markers above them. I quite like these! Now what to do with them?
  1. Stitch markers - but they are a bit too likely to get caught in the rest of the knitting so probably not that useful.
  2. Earrings - either as they are on studs or dangly. Except I don't have pierced ears so they would be clip ons.
  3. Necklace pendant.
  4. Jacks - you know that game you play with a bouncy ball and pick up little spiky things as it bounces? I know what I mean.
  5. Runes?!
So endless possibilities. I think maybe jewellery. I am well into fimo jewellery at the mo after meeting the woman who runs this website:⊂=10&item=98
She was wearing the necklace that goes with this. I love it - something for the next time I'm good I think. There's loads of lovely stuff on the site. Oooo, how about a silver ball of wool and gold tipped knitting needles? Ooooooooooo.

3rd day on 60mg and was much easier today. Spoke to Dr P and he said I should stay with it for a week and then go back down. Ho hum.


Andrea said...

I think the fimo balls of yarn on needles would look good as (in addition to your own suggestions this is):
1. Brooches (not sure if that's how its spelt) - anyway things that you pin on to your clothes bags etc. They could go on handknitted items, other clothes (especially to I.D. group of knitters meeting at festivals as someone on UKHK was discussing the other day), or on knitting bags.
2. Card toppers - make your own greeting cards with these as embellishments (I was going to ...and still may at some point... try to develop some handmade cards with a knitterly theme:)

.... Like you say - the possibilities are endless - have fun and stay motivated.

scarletprincess said...

I **love** your balls of yarn with needles!! Really funky!

Yvonne said...

So good to hear you sounding more upbeat.

I've been doing my best to ignore those chocolate pots and now I'm really tempted!

how about using the fimo balls to hang off of either crochet chain bracelets or an Icord necklace?

Nickerjac said...

Unlike Yvonne have failed to resist those choclate souffles I found them on the way back from Caterham aren't they gorgeous. The cotton yarn looks good, do you have to heat seal them? Haven't used the fabric markers before.

Hazy said...

It might be too late for those ones, but if you made more you could put a hole them so they could be put on the end of needles when you aren't using to stop the stitches falling off. I've been looking for some of them myself and haven't been able to find any I like - but those would be great for that!

Anna Sorrentino said...


Yarn balls with needles are first class! Love the idea of using them as pendants, or as brooch, or on greeting cards... come to think of it, they would look cool anywhere. Fantastic!

Ah, I've got a chocolate craving now, and nothing vaguely resembling cocoa in the house... arghhhh...

Tracy said...

That's done I have to get some. I'm drooling all over the keyboard again! Do you do a whole ball at a time with the markers, or just a few feet as you go along?

Becky said...

I love your little balls of yarn and needles - they are just so cute - I love all the suggestions for uses that have been made and I can't think of any others - although I'm sure there are loads - I just love them and would be happy to just have them in the house ! Knitty bits are so hard to find. I love the dolly mixtures braclet on that website - it's so good I think I'm going to have to get one - that and the red spotty earrings - they are fab.

I also wanted to say - with reference to an earlier post of yours - that I love your business idea. I was just thinking the other week about going to one of those embroidery shops and getting myself a knitting bag made with some appropriate slogan on - if you did them and sold them, it would be so much easier - what better thing to get a knitter as a present, than something knitting related and there so isn't anything like that out there in the UK. Go for it I say.

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