Saturday, 2 July 2005

Here's one I made earlier

Feeling slightly more alive now, but probably only because I am contemplating an early night. At my age (which cranks up to 27 on Monday) one just can not live this kind of life. Yes, folks, you heard right. The Byrne is entering her 27th year on Monday and celebrating this fact with a 4th july theme party tomorrow (on a school night - which is freaking everyone out) so likely no postings. Should anyone be feeling generous I have had all my presents this year from So far I have had chickens, water sterilisers, carers for aids children, sheep (of course - woo ha sheep), blankets and cooking sets. I get these wicked really quality cards sent to me in the post with a message form my loved one inside and telling me what they've 'bought' on my behalf. It means no pretending to like all the blah one usually gets for one's birthday and no having to find somewhere to keep it in case someone ever asks to borrow it back. Makes me feel like I really got exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

Have spent the day on the sofa knitting more or less no stop. The body of the 2nd charity cardi is all done as is half one sleeve. I have finished a pair of socks I've been knitting for about a month already...
Image hosted by
I'm feeling contrary so have put them upside down - it's not like my feet bend at a weird angle or anything. So all this camera work means I have managed to take pics of the sock yarn and silk.
Image hosted by
This is the sock wool, in case there was any confusion.
Image hosted by
This is the silk. 400g of it! Trudie not only has gorgeous stuff she also packs it up all lovely like.

27. Twenty seven. Hum.


Nickerjac said...

socks look great and the world vision website is great have found a couple of great presents

Anonymous said...

Dad popped in to have a look


Congrats on turning 27, I would like to pretend that it's some sort of a milestone, but it aint, many happy returns anyway.

Lauri B said...

Oh, Lixie! Mine is THIRTY-seven coming up soon. 8-o

Happy Birthday, Young One. Enjoy.

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