Sunday, 31 July 2005


I've had some questions from commenters recently and haven't answered them so inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl (the definitive blogger) and to fill some space here goes....
  1. tabbytuxedo said...I don't think I've seen your knitting badges... What do they look like?
Well tabbytuxedo, the time is at hand because I have put some on ebay (OK, this is a shameless plug but what the hell.) My seller thing can be seen here. There is some yarn up there too. Bid away buddies.

Right, so that's that done. Yes, the selfish motivation for this post was wonga but then I just got turned down for *another* loan so I need to start this business somehow.

Have started the dreamcatcher cardigan from loop-d-loop with my trusty denises just as I planned (I love it when a plan comes together) and have - you'd never guess - been watching a couple more episodes from my A-team dvd. Don't you just love the A-team? Especially Face of course. Anyway, denises are lovely and mean that I no longer make the granny-click-click noise when I pound away on them. Have done about 2 inches of 1x1 rib. I hate 1x1 rib but it's got to be done. At least this is it out of the way.

Was checking out my stitch dictionary for aran stuff to use on Rob's jumper (have gone off that cycling aran pattern) and came across the one for some kind of hem where you knit a bit and then do a row of (yo k2tog) then knit a bit more and fold the two sides over to meet. This is what the flower badges were when I saw them at Loop. So...well...I deserve a little break from the rib don't I? I might just go and whip up another wip. Now I've got my denises it's not like I'm short of needles.... so no pictures this time but more coming soon.


scarletprincess said...

Aha... those badges are fab! I especially like the tweedy looking one. If another one's going you know where i am!
I'm undecided about the next WIP (yes all those other ones lay forgotten but what the hell!)

Jennifer said...

I LOVE them!!!! So, so cute!!!!

Anna Sorrentino said...

Hey Alex,

Sooo many thanx for the badge!!

Haven't got in touch sooner as (get ready for this, as the impossible happened last week...) my internet connection went caput after some builders, who are carrying out works on the roof, knocked the phone cable and the phone line went dead... BT kept on saying there was no fault with the line, arghhh... Was in withdrawal for a few days, then thanks to a super BT guy (which they agreed to send over in the end), everything returned to normality... ;)

Anyway, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU again... got a lil something for you too... where do I send it?

The badges on ebay are great - love the purple & the pink one!! Soo cute.

I wear mine when I knit (in the house)... DB regularly looks at me and chuckles, but hey, me liiikes!


Anna xx

Daisy said...

The badges are great - I love mine. Why don't you try opening an Ebay Shop? You could start in a small way selling a few of your things and build it up (hopefully then you wouldn't need a loan to get started?)

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