Sunday, 14 August 2005

Lixie Spins It

I am still knitting though, honest. As proof, here is the wip - dreamcatcher cardigan from loop-d-loop.
Image hosted by
That big hole in the middle is what you put the cobwebby bit in. Knitting with two balls of wool is no particular fun, although I am now aware that it is easier if the balls are smaller.

But actually that's the most knitting you're going to read about now because Byrne has the spinning bug, and she's got it bad. A little trip to handweavers studio yesterday yielded excellent results....
Image hosted by I love Wendslydale curls. There's just something *SO* "look at me" beautiful about them. I'm yet to actually knit anything that includes me but, hey, what's the rush?

And then I got lots of lovely merino (lots of red for my pinky hat - and I thinks I have spun enough for that today. Image hosted by
Lots (200g) of blue faced leicester and more camel for my first knitted homespun item - a scarf. Although now I feel compelled to spin some sequins or something into. I shall try to resist though. Spun some of this up at nickerjac's.
Image hosted by
Lots of glittery and generally lovely stuff, plus some mohair.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
And some random stuff to experiment with.

As I dropped in there earlier I was at Nickerjac's lovely studio yesterday idea was born. Under the codename Nickerlix it is currently being churned over in my tiny mind. With my organisational and Nik's people skills and contacts we've got it sorted - I'll keep you updated as things develop.

On the way back from Nik's got terrible stomach ache and have been wiped out since then with a summer cold. Really sore throat, oh, poor alex. Luckily Pooch came home with a surprise for me to cheer me up...
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It's the first time he's had his hair shaved since we got together and it is *so* soft and strokable. Like a beautiful cat. He has just said I just want to spin from him. But nah, would need too much washing.

So let's see, how's life at the mo. Well, madwise everything is all stable and well. Poochwise all is good. Jobwise the future looks rosy. Housewise we're moving in a month and searching is under control. Having said that the neanderthals downstair have just put the boom boom techno on. And people like them will actually breed. Yuck. Anyway, where was I...

Yeah anyway, stuff's fine. Bring it on, tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

All that roving looks delicious!

Anonymous said...
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scarletprincess said...

I've got the spinning bug and I only learnt yesterday! ooh the excitement!
Dreamcatcher is looking lovely!

Anna Sorrentino said...

So chuffed that things are looking up for you. Enjoy your spinning and let us see what you come up with by way of adding sequins and the likes.

Have a great day,

A x

RoxyKnits said...

Wow you've been busy! Love the dreamcatcher cardi and the colour - just gorgeous!

I've decided to leave doing anything from Loop D Loop until I've done swatches and am happy with the gauge. Which means finishing a half done project so I can use some leftover ASC....

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