Thursday, 4 August 2005

Mega poo, mega yay

I do seem a bit weird with my juxtaposed moods at the moment. The mega poo bit I *still* can't talk about but it got a whole lot worse today before I was reassured by those in the know but am still nervous.

What cheered me up was seeing this photo again that Les took of me in their garden with 2 of their lovely cats on Monday. Can't believe that was only three days ago. (For those who like to be able to count there cats there is one on the ground and one sitting in the basket of orangey pink wool on the right.)

The golders green group last night was very nice. Two new people came along and Liz was on good form. There was a lot of dpn discussion. Guys - stop kidding yourselves about the whole dpn thing - THEY ARE EVILLLLLLLLLL.

Was working on the dreamcatcher cardi last night and have got about a 1/4 of the way up the circle. Going to do a load more of it tonight while watching a nice Morse with my Pooch.

Sleep well everyone x


RoxyKnits said...

Got my Loop-d-loop today and am impressed - as I knew I would be. Still deciding which design I'll make first - probably the ballet tee.

Saw a new yarn ad in FCEK which arrived today and was most amused to see it was called Pooch. It looks just like a poodle ;)

scarletprincess said...

oooh i'm tempted to start dreamcatcher. reckon it would work with sirdar dune as an alternative to what she's used?

Nickerjac said...

Look forward to seeing you on Sundayn if all goes as planned

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