Sunday, 28 August 2005


I have had quite a lot of time to think today...because the fricking cricket has replaced me as Pooch's main love. We were going to go out this afternoon but then we started bickering at lunch so we both decided we shouldn't go out in case one of us got annoyed. I am quite pleased about how we handle stuff like this.

So I have had lots of knitting and internet time. I have set up a shop at, done all sorts of things with socks and wrapped up parcels for my secret pal and my secret-pal-angel-style-person who got neglected the first time round. Been meaning to post stuff for a week already.

So with the socks...I went off the red/green dyed wool this morning so decided to swatch it and wait til I had put it through a machine wash before forming a conclusion.
Image hosted by
So then naturally about 2 hours later later I decided I couldn't wait til tomorrow to see how the swatch turned out and knitted a sock with it. Is really cool stuff although I have had that problem where the repeat length means the colours don't distribute that evenly. I remember this from my 'spinning designer yarns' book so slap wrist byrne for not thinking of that. This is the private side of the sock that has the seam.
Image hosted by
I would like to point out that the seam isn't that visible, is smooth and doesn't stretch apart when worn. Feel my seaming has really come on leaps and bounds this weekend. Then this is the right side.
Image hosted by
Needless to say I totally love the colours some 10 hours after going off them.

So what has Pooch been doing today? Well, you know how glass is a fluid at room temperature and does flow very very slowly which is why really old windows are thicker at the botom than the top (seriously, I'm not making this up). In the same way Pooch has assumed his liquid form and he and the beanbag are becoming a single entity.
Image hosted by
I believe that might actually be shane warne on the tv.

I have been giving some thought to the whole thing about using dyes (feel weird writing the word 'dying') and feel I have concentrated too much on the act of changing the colour of the yarn rather than considering what colour I am actually changing it to. So the byrne head will be more given to colour than conquests when it comes to using dye in the future. Or that's how i feel at the moment. Give me 10 hours and I might have changed my mind.

There is something else that I have been giving a lot of thought to but it's kind of hard to write about without giving the wrong impression. I have met a man, although he's only 22 so more like a boy, who I really like and we have loads to talk about but it's a platonic friendship in its early stages rather than anything remotely sexual. This is quite a weird thing for me because platonic stuff with men of my own age (or about an aeon younger - I am now feeling all of the 27 years. I think maybe my body never meant to make it this far so it's experiencing some sort of culture shock that those chocolate biscuits don't get metabolised as they used to. Anyway I digress...) Where was I? Ah Yes "...platonic stuff with men of my own age...." never used to happen. This may sound weird but it's all part of the madness and so I'm not used to being friends with a guy without either fancying them or thinking they fancy me. And I'm quite big headed so this was never an issue before (Think "you're annoying/upsetting me but then you're ugly so maybe you can't help it" and other such twisted thinking). So anyway this guy is called Samir and he's just started work at the Institute. He has an afro which I think is very cool because he's half arabic or something like that so hasn't the appearance one would normally associate with such a hairdo. We had a long chat on Friday and his tag name is Afronaut which others gave him because he did physics with space science or something at Uni. I think this name is wicked. Anyway, apart from the platonic nature of this being new I am also curious to see whether he's actually playing me in some way. He has this whole shy-thing he does and it could so easily be a ruse. So another first is the fact that I am entering this friendship with a healthy disregard for any exclamations of truthfullness or innocence he makes. I must remember to tell therapist Louise what an excellent job she has done.

Another thought that has been bugging me is this - you know in cartoons when someone has a raining-cloud over their head....if they put up an umbrella would the cloud move under the umbrella with them and carry on raining? Yes I know, there's more to life than trying to find logic in cartoons but I can't stop wondering about this one.

Can hear another sock calling to me and surely...but surely...the cricket must end soon. I wonder what Daniel's up to. Haven't seen him for ages and he's another young man I have a platonic friendship with although that didn't happen til we'd done all the naughty stuff first. He reminds me of Keanu Reeves although he would be outraged to hear me say so. If I catch up with him I will take a pic to show you all!

And Pooch, I know you'll read this, the toothbrush is still in the boots bag in the front room and you are the bestest boyfriend ever and not even Keanu himself could tempt me away x


scarletprincess said...

I cant wait to get spinning/dye-ing :)Your yarns look fab and I especially like the red/greed- reminds me of lollipops!

Jennifer said...

I just dyed some roving in the same colors. I used Kool-Aid too. Your dye job looks better than mine though.

Fred said...

I like the dyed socks. Perhaps (thinking ahead) you could conjure up something in a similar vein for a christmas present for Pooch


Cool Post. Can't believe you made a sock in a day. Wow.
The cricket is so much worse than football, you know where you are with football. It lasts for about ninety minutes, the menfolk get tremendously excited for some of those ninety minutes. Then it ends and life goes on. But the cricket!? What sick mind invented something that men can get so hypnotised by for 8 or more hours at a time? We had friends visiting so Kenny had to move to take them out and wow them with the North East BUT we had to listen to the cricket in the car and not talk about anything apart from cricket (cricket on the radio, truly, there are no words to descibe the tedium). He and Ian then talked about cricket while we walked round the countryside and then we had to rush home and rush out of my favourite garden centre (full of craft stuff) so they could 'catch the end' of the cricket, i.e. the last two hours. Arse.

Beverley said...

Alex, you needn't worry about this dying malarky, its dyeing, people often forget to leave the e out and their posts always look really dire! LOL So now you can write about dyeing to your heart's content. I love reading your blog it is such a good read!

Blogging Blogging Queen said...

Hey, what's up? Listen, I read like 20 blogs per day and skim about 30 more so when I say you have a knack for writing, I mean it! Coming from the coolest guy on the planet. that's not to be taken lightly! ;-)

Anyways, happy blogging, keep it up! People like me DO actually read these things!

Dave the Blog Addict, The Planet's Coolest Guy!

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NikolaAnne said...

I got weirded out about "dying" as well, so I went and looked it up.

according to, if you are in the act of using dye, you are "dyeing". :-)

So, use that as proper spelling! It looks ever weirder, but at leat we know it it correct weirdness!

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