Saturday, 27 August 2005

Wool Masher Monthly

Isn't that a great name for a magazine? If I weren't so busy fighting crime while weaing spandex in my spare time I'd probably start it up. But then I would only make another million and lose it after having my heart broken by an unscrupulous nogooddirtydawg.

So here we go, in this first and only edition of Wool Masher Monthly.

Have had a busy day over he old dye pot. Or saucepan. You see, dude, that's the good thing about koolaid - it's nontoxic so you can change the colour of your old grey pants without needing to keep a special saucepan for it. Not that that is what I was doing. Oh dear me no.
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So here is what we started off with - 300g of superwash wool all together. 100g each of white, aran cream and pale heathery green. All soaked and in 50g skeins.
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Here is what we ended up with at the half way point. One of the green ones suspended over 'grape' and the two white skeins half in and out of 'lemon and lime' and 'cherry'. I love that cherry red colour.
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And what happened to the two aran skeins? Well....I thought I would try something Nickerjac showed me about sprinkling the dye onto wet wool then steaming it. Except this is koolaid not proper dye and it didn't exactly work. There were a number of obstacles to be overcome.
  1. The only colours I had left were ones I hadn't used before so I wasn't sure of the colours that would come out.
  2. The wool wasn't wet enough.
  3. The koolaid doesn't have the same permeating powers as dye.
Here is me trying to overcome obstacle three.
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Yes folks, it's a potato masher. It came to me as if in a dream. It didn't work but it made me laugh for a while.

Anyway after about 2 hours of fidgeting about here is what I ended up with, drying off.
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The grape and green. I'm liking the colours.
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The cherry and lime. This one I really love.
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The 'what-the-hell-dude' that obviously didn't work that well.

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Does everyone else own a copy of this book. If not you seriously need to. This woman, this goddess amongst women, is the bees knees. I located the joining technique I was after and socks....socks abounded. My cup runeth over with socks. (You know I'm going to have to abbreviate this episode of Wool Masher Monthly as Pooch is getting the hump with me tapping away while we watch 'Enter the Dragon')

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This is the complete pair I am wearing as my fingers strum the keyboard.
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These are some for christmas presents.
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And then there's these.

OK, Pooch severaly miffed now. Got to go my sweets x


Jennifer said...

Great Dye pics and wips! Lovely!


cool socks! Been wondering whether to get that book for a while, i think you may have sold it to me. Nice one.

RoxyKnits said...

I love Enter The Dragon. Superb film. And yes Jane Crowfoot's book is the bible of all knitting books and a total must have. I did a Finishing Techniques course with her at JL and she's fab. Also comes from the same neck of the woods as me in North London. Small world eh?

Iris said...

Oooh, yarn dying! Very pretty. :)

And the regia mini ringel sock yarn is really fun to knit with, isn't it?

Re. your comments on my blog

Glad to be of help with the layout issue. I was a bit worried myself, so I saved my old layout in word first and then tried the new one with 'preview' rather than save it straight off... The yarn in my banner is one of the yarns I bought in New England (more of that in the blog soon) - Manos del Uruguay.

And thanks for the hint re. the word verification. I have turned it on now.


mf said...

ya know that potato masher works great! People here have doing it for ever, too! Fun too! Fun socks too!

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